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Quick gearbox assembly center - partnership with Emerson

    On 28 May 2015, the official opening ceremony of our new quick gearbox assembly center by Emerson (formerly Leroy-Somer) was held in the Legnica Branch of Partner Serwis.

    Partner Serwis’ Legnica Branch has been developing cooperation with Leroy-Somer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of drive system components (motors, gearboxes, gearmotors, servomotors, inverters, industrial automation components), for some years now. The drive system plant is located in Poznań and it has replaced the former plant of ZREMB Napędy Poznań.

    Last year, Leroy-Somer was incorporated into Emerson Industrial Automation Polska and became one of many brands (Appleton, ASCO, Branson, Control Techniques, Kato Engineering, Numatics, SolaHD) in the portfolio of the American corporation operating in many sectors of the industry.

    In implementing its expansive global strategy, Emerson seeks out specialized partners in its target markets–experts in specific fields, who become a significant element of the company’s high quality customer service.

    Competence, skill and experience of Partner Serwis, similarity of market segments in which both companies operate, as well as previous fruitful cooperation with Leroy-Somer have led to the conclusion of a cooperation agreement and exclusive authorization granted to Partner Serwis with regard to maintenance of Emerson gearboxes and gearmotors in Poland.

    On this occasion the Legnica shop organized a meeting with our Clients. Its aim was to present our service range resulting from the new partnership, to demonstrate selected motor and gearbox models, as well as to present the process of quick gearbox assembly.

    The idea underlying the creation of the quick assembly center is to provide appropriate services related to distribution and maintenance of Emerson products in Poland. A well-organized quick assembly center with spare parts for the most popular gearboxes in the industry allows to quickly  select, assemble, deliver and install a gearmotor according to Client’s guidelines (up to two days for Orthoblock 3000 series gearboxes in different configurations), also as an alternative to products by e.g. NORD, CEV or Rossi. The equipment manufacturer grants a 12-month warranty under which Partner Serwis performs all necessary renovations and repairs. 


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