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Certifications and quality policy

Integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Protection 

The most important quality criteria for Partner Serwis Sp. z o.o. is meeting the requirements of our Clients, while ensuring environmental protection throughout the entire range of services offered.

Our goal is to win the full confidence of our Clients, Employees, Suppliers and the Environment, as a fully reliable service provider that meets all the requirements, while implementing the best global solutions in terms of the manufacturing process and provision of services. Simultaneously, our goal is to continuously minimize our negative impact on the natural environment.

Implementation of these commitments shall result in:

  • achievement of a significant market position in the field of maintenance of machinery and equipment, and electrical repairs,
  • services enabling our Clients to focus on their own core business activities,
  • achievement of a high level of customer satisfaction,
  • services provided in compliance with the law, environmental standards and environmental regulations.

We implement the set objectives through:

  • partnerships with our Clients and the environment.
  • improving personnel qualifications, cultivating individual skills and teamwork,
  • striving to achieve excellence in recognizing the needs of our Clients.
  • improvement of the organization, aimed at improving its effectiveness,
  • prevention of potential threats, controlling the level of risk in terms of occupational health and safety, implementation of measures to prevent the occurrence of potential environmental threats in emergency situations
  • planning, management and monitoring processes, improving the management and environmental protection systems.

The Quality and Environmental Management System is consciously implemented and executed by Partner Service Sp. z o.o employees at all organizational levels and at all stages of contact with the Client.



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