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Cookies policy

Cookies - what are they?

Cookies are small text files sent by a server and stored on the device used for viewing Web pages. They allow to store information transmitted between the Web page and the browser. They make it possible to store data forms and page settings, operate page visit counters, use probes, memorize the selected language or shop in online stores. Appropriately configured cookies are safe and allow the information to be read only by the server that created them.

The website saves cookies on the computers of visitors because:

  • they improve website speed,
  • they enable operation of some of the website features (forms, surveys, settings),
  • they enable collection of statistical data,

Cookies are collected and used in accordance with our own needs. Since the does not display ads, no information on the subject is collected by the cookies.

To turn off or limit the scope of operation of cookies on your computer, please see the information available on the official website of your web browser. Some of the most popular ones include:



This site uses cookies. You can controll then by the settings of your web browser. More details in Cookies policy.