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Partner Serwis named the Champion!!!

    The 37th edition of the Copper Basin Science and Technology Days is an annual event organized by the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations - Chief Technical Organization (NOT) in Legnica, together with the Association of Mining Engineers and Technicians (SITG) in Lubin. As part of this event, a Copper Basin Technology Champion competition is held every two years. The competition aims to promote outstanding solutions and innovations in the field of engineering technology.

    Partner Serwis has repeatedly attended the above competition, winning awards, among others, for pioneering and innovative solutions in the field of heavy electric motor start-ups, namely the development of WIRLEG eddy current starters.

    This year, the Partner Serwis branch in Legnica entered the competition with an innovative solution concerning synchronous motors induced by permanent magnets.

    Winners of the competition were announced in June of this year, and the awards were given out as part of the celebration of Copper Basin Science and Technology Days on 17 October.

    Innovative solution developed by Partner Serwis, permanent magnet induced synchronous motors, won first prize in the Copper Basin Technology Champion 2013 competition. This is a prestigious award in the Copper Basin community, establishing Partner Serwis as the leader in the field of innovative solutions for improving energy efficiency.

    Detailed article presenting the results of research and the entire innovation was published in the bi-weekly Technical Review issue No. 21-22/2013.


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