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Capital Group

Capital Group structure

Partner Service Sp. z o.o is the primary operating company of the capital group. The leading company is the Warsaw-based Grupa Partner Sp. z o.o., established in 2003 as the entity dedicated to performance of principal and integration role in the industrial services currently marketed as under the Partner Serwis brand.

Scope of activity

The scope of Grupa Partner’s activities includes capital decisions as well as support and oversight of the implementation of corporate strategy. In particular, Grupa Partner performs the following functions:

  1. Consultancy in formulating and implementation of the company's strategy aimed at establishing measures necessary for development of the group, with particular focus on directions of further development of Partner Serwis.
  2. Making capital decisions, in particular, taking into account:
    • management of capital investments.
    • identification of risks and the expected level of profit from equity investments in the primary and secondary market,
    • ensuring group’s acquisition development,
  3. Financial and liquidity control, taking into account operational business activities, including:Control functions in companies belonging to the group under provisions of the Commercial Code.
    • acquisition and optimization of capital financing activity of the group,
    • defining guidelines for balance sheet structuring with the purpose of its optimization with regard to effective management of working capital and efficient liquidity management in the operational business,
    • bookkeeping and decision-making in the application of tax law.
  4. Control functions in companies belonging to the group under provisions of the Commercial Code.

Management Board of Grupa Partner

Paweł Boczek - President of the Board
Czesław Rej - Vice-President of the Board
Janusz Pustułka - Vice-President of the Board
Grzegorz Czech - Vice-President of the Board

Location and contact

Address: Grupa Partner Sp. z o.o. Warszawa, ul. Traktorzystów 18
Mailing address: Grupa Partner Sp. z o.o. 05-800 Pruszków, ul. Kraszewskiego 48/10

Chief Accountant

Joanna Piaskowska
tel. +48 22 244 07 25, +48 22 244 07 35
e-mail: joanna.piaskowska(at)



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