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Production of eddy current starters

Production of eddy current starters

Until recently, resistance or liquid starters were the most commonly used starters in Poland. In practice, they generate a lot of operating issues due to their long start-up time, high failure rate, the need for frequent maintenance, as well as environmental hazards.

Thanks to application of modern solutions, eddy current starters offered by Partner Serwis eliminate the above-mentioned disadvantages. Wide range of starters also includes the production of squirrel cage induction and slip ring motors as well as synchronous motors with asynchronous starting.

Significant, initial values ​​of inrush currents cause the formation of large dynamic forces that threaten to damage mechanical parts inside the engine (especially windings). Aside from the dynamic forces, a large amount of heat radiating from the engine is the main cause of damage to insulation and electrical connections, especially in places where it is difficult to dissipate heat, such as the impeller. In addition to the inrush current, surge character of the torque may cause damage to the bearings, clutches and the entire machine. These kinds of hazards are to be expected especially in motors of medium and high power, as well as in the case of frequently repeated starts. Large values ​​of inrush currents cause a voltage drop in the supply network, especially unfavorable due to the high saturation of precision parts in the automation and IT industry.

The purpose of eddy current starters is to reduce inrush current, ease the initial starting torque in squirrel cage motors and synchronous motors with asynchronous starting or increase the initial torque in the case of slip ring motors.

Advantages of using eddy current starters in a system:

  • automation of the motor start process,
  • smooth and stepless acceleration,
  • automatic adjustment of the motor start to the current load of the operating machine,
  • adaptation of the starter to the series of types for several motors with different powers and parameters,
  • elimination of the additional cooling factor, such as oil or water,
  • simple construction, high motor reliability,
  • long-term operation without the need for maintenance,
  • competitive price in relation to other starter systems.

Knowledge of drive systems required for the design of starters allows us to offer optimal starters in terms of both technical parameters and cost. Equipment of the starter in electrical elements is provided at the individual request of the Client, based on the location and operating conditions. Our logic units allow enable control via overriding systems. Eddy current starters can be used in light, medium or heavy staring motors without power limits in the drive system, while ensuring subsequent starts of the motor. Due to their construction, the starters may be operated for many years without maintenance. Massive steel construction of the starter core and reinforced thermal insulation of the windings enables unfailing operation in even the harshest conditions. These features and advantages of eddy current starters, allow for their wide range of application in drives of:

  • conveyor belts,
  • ball mills,
  • jaw crushers,
  • crushers,
  • pumps
  • fans,
  • presses,
  • steel scissors,
  • centrifuges,
  • winches,
  • and others.

Detailed offer - contact In order to get acquainted with a detailed offer, please contact:

Dariusz Szczęsny
Director of Service Center in Dąbrowa Górnicza
601 675 714dariusz.szczesny@grupapartner.pl

Waldemar Duży
Director of Service Center in Legnica
505 306 811waldemar.duzy@grupapartner.pl

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Director of Service Center in Kwidzyn
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