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Mechanical engineering industry

    Accuracy, precision, repeatability – these features characterize companies engaged in mechanical engineering. To meet these requirements, companies must have appropriate production facilities. We have high class specialists at our disposal, offering assistance in meeting these requirements. Our advantage is the complexity of our offer. We are able to solve all issues related to drives and control systems as well as mechanical issues.

    Our offer includes:

    • modernization and maintenance of propulsion systems,
    • modernization and maintenance of control systems,
    • mechanical repairs,
    • precise geometry measurements,
    • setting machines and equipment,
    • risk assessment,
    • design of security systems.

    Our Clients include: 

    • ALSTOM Power
    • Maag Gear Zamech
    • Elzam Zamech
    • Makrum Bydgoszcz 
    • Bumar Koszalin

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