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Chemical industry

    The chemical industry is highly capital intensive, where the vast majority of processes can be automated. This industry is very strongly dependent on sources of raw materials and it is characterized by very high production of semi-finished products, which are then processed by other industry sectors.

    For many years, Partner Serwis has been working with companies in the chemical industry.

    On the basis of certificates and licenses and, above all, years of experience, we provide our Clients with a high level of service, which translates into long term partnerships.

    In order to meet the ever more demanding service requirements, we learn the details of technological processes occurring during production, allowing you to optimize the range of services provided to these companies.

    Our Clients include:

    • Santos Dwory (Oświęcim)
    • “Police” Chemical Plant (Police)
    • Kędzierzyn Nitrogen Plant (Kędzierzyn-Koźle)
    • Michelin Polska (Olsztyn)
    • Nitroerg (Bieruń)
    • ERG Plastics Plant (Bieruń)
    • NITRON Plastics Plant (Krupski Młyn)
    • Zakłady Gumowe Górnictwa (Bytom)
    • Stomil Sanok

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