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Automotive industry

    2014 was a very good year for the automotive industry in Poland. This applies not only to the sales of new cars, but also to the production of the vehicles themselves. It is estimated that the value of exports in 2014 amounted to 19 billion Polish zlotys. Experts predict that in 2015 it will amount to 22 billion, which means manufacturing 600-700 thousand of vehicles.

    The automotive segment comprises not only manufacturers and sellers of cars, but also manufacturers of all parts and pieces of equipment, or car design.

    Partner Serwis is involved in long term cooperation with the following companies in the automotive sector:

    • Michelin Polska (Olsztyn)
    • Bridgestone Stargard and Bridgestone Poznań
    • Volkswagen Poznań
    • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
    • Sitech Technika Siedzeń Volkswagen
    • Saint-Gobain Sekurit HanGlas
    • Eaton Truck Components

    We offer a wide range of services for electric motors, fans and EE network elements, as well as modernization of production machines and their allocation along with assembly, preparation and start-up.


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