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Repairs of transformers

    Repairs of transformers

    Partner Serwis shop is able to carry out repairs of oil, dry and rectifier transformers used to power thyristor devices, as well as other special types of transformers. Parameters of repaired power transformers are limited to 5MVA and voltage up to 10.5 kV (rectifier transformer voltage level to be agreed).

    Offered scope of transformer maintenance and repair services:

    • total overhauls,
    • general repairs,
    • ongoing maintenance.

    Repairs of transformers may include the following activities:

    • renovation of the core,
    • full diagnostics, along with oil diagnostics,
    • manufacture of coil with F or H class insulation,
    • rewinding transformers, also with the use of VPI technology,
    • construction and reconditioning of mechanical parts of the transformer,
    • supply of spare parts,
    • repair and maintenance of transformer fittings,
    • repair of tap changers,
    • transformer oil regeneration,
    • disposal of PCBs,
    • technical consultancy.

    Diagnostics and maintenance of transformers

    Samples of oil are tested in a laboratory, where it is possible to check the oil parameters for compliance with technical standards. Knowledge of these parameters together with the results of insulation resistance measurements allows to carry out an overall assessment of the technical condition of the transformer and the operated oil. The full test report is the basis for planning further activities related to the maintenance of the transformer in full technical efficiency.


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