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Repairs of electrical machines

    AC/DC rotating machinery repairs

    Partner Serwis shop is able to perform repairs and provide maintenance services for a wide range of F and H class electrical machines, in the power range of up to 20mV and voltage of up to 1.5 kV for direct current and 10.5kV for alternating current. This includes commutator, slip ring and specialized machines. In addition to the maintenance and repair of main machinery, we also offer repairs and maintenance service of electronic or electrical devices, which form their integral parts. This gives the Client an opportunity to perform a comprehensive overhaul within one shop and one order. We also perform repairs of the installation on-site. Our services also include transportation, disassembly, assembly and setting with the use of laser equipment as well as comprehensive diagnostics of refurbished machines.

    Repairs of AC/DC rotating machines include:

    • low-voltage motors up to 100 kW (or round wire)
    • low-voltage motors above 100 kW (or profiled wire)
    • medium-voltage motors,
    • Ex drives,
    • generators,
    • turbo-generators,
    • hydro-generators,
    • electric spindles,
    • servo drives,
    • traction motors
    • and other specialized machines.

    Our range of offered repairs includes:

    • total overhauls,
    • general repairs and maintenance.

    Repairs may consist in the following activities:

    • package inspections and repairs,
    • comprehensive motor diagnostics along with switching node diagnostics,
    • welding, machining, legalization and replacement of shafts,
    • molding and manufacture of bearings,
    • replacement of bearings,
    • manufacture of coils with F and H class insulation,
    • rewinding machines,
    • repair and manufacturing of commutators and slip rings,
    • construction and reconditioning of mechanical motor parts,
    • static and dynamic balancing,
    • supply of spare parts,
    • repair and maintenance of power equipment,
    • technical consultancy.

    AC/DC rotating machinery diagnostics

    After each complete repair, we conduct standard acceptance tests on the machinery, including strength test of the insulation system, diagnostic tests of bearing units and vibration measurement. The data obtained is stored in our archives along with the technological documentation.

    In order to reduce the risk of failure, we offer regular maintenance and inspections under preventive diagnostics. These are conducted by experienced personnel holding appropriate permissions with the use of vibro-acoustic diagnostic equipment and thermal imaging. Inspections are carried out in accordance with a schedule developed and agreed with the Client or based on provisions set out in the contract. Duly and regularly carried out on-site machinery inspections allow to avoid costly failures and production downtime. On the basis of data obtained during inspections of machinery in operation, we are required to provide the Client with the possibility to upgrade or replace equipment if required.

    We also perform inspections and repairs of machinery installed in gas hazardous areas in the chemical industry, mining industry and others.

    Modernization of AC/DC rotating machinery

    At Partner Serwis, we make use of the extensive experience and know-how of our engineers as well as our design and technological facilities in performing a wide range of modernization works, including:

    • adjustment of electrical machine parameters - changing supply voltage, improving efficiency and others,
    • modernization of electrical machine insulation systems with improved insulation materials,
    • adjustment of the insulation system to work with a frequency converter,
    • adjustment of motor bearings, including bearing current protection,
    • installation of temperature sensors in the windings and bearings of machines dedicated to work with the machine monitoring system,
    • installation of anti-condensation devices,
    • structural adjustment of the machine to the individual needs of the user.


    Detailed offer - contact In order to get acquainted with a detailed offer, please contact:

    Dariusz Szczęsny
    Director of Service Center in Dąbrowa Górnicza
    601 675 714dariusz.szczesny@grupapartner.pl

    Waldemar Duży
    Director of Service Center in Legnica
    505 306 811waldemar.duzy@grupapartner.pl

    Tomasz Chorosz
    Director of Service Center in Kwidzyn
    502 515 188tomasz.chorosz@grupapartner.pl


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