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Repairs and maintenance service of liquid steel stirrers

    Repairs and maintenance service of liquid steel stirrers

    Continuous COS steel casting lines utilized by the steel industry are equipped with electromagnetic stirrers, whose task is to mix the molten steel in solidifying vein that flows from the crystallizer of a COS machine to obtain uniform distribution of the dopant over the entire cross section of the coagulated vein.

    The stirrers operate in extremely difficult conditions. The need to generate a strong alternating magnetic field is associated with high currents passing through the coils of the stirrer, resulting in the emergence of significant electromagnetic forces and generation of heat. Additionally, the stirrers operate in close proximity to hot steel.

    Partner Serwis has experience in repairing this type of equipment. The scope of such repair may involve reconstruction of the insulation system as well as the manufacture and replacement of stirrer elements, especially the coils and the cooling system.


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