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Pump repairs

    Pump repairs

    We also carry out repairs of pumps. A Notified Authority that is the Komag Institute of Mining has given a positive assessment of our ability to perform repairs of explosion-proof equipment, such as Flygt, Powen, KSK and Goodwin pumps. These include submersible pumps, repaired, among others, for Katowice Coal Holding mines. Pumps are repaired by qualified personnel, based on original parts. Each of the refurbished pumps is subjected to electrical and performance characterization tests performed at the newly created Pump Testing Station. Following adaptation of the measuring position of the Testing Station, we plan to expand the scope of performed repairs by stationary pumps of different manufacturers. We are prepared to carry out repairs of submersible and stationary pumps with power of up to 132kW and speed of 0-3000 rev/min, using the electric motor with power of up to 132kW, and a new generation inverter.

    Repairs, maintenance, diagnostics and modernization
    of pump units

    The pump and motor – a perfect partnership; comprehensive service – measurable benefits. Comprehensive service of pump unit is designed to improve and maintain energy efficiency, productivity and technological parameters.

    65% of the energy consumed by machinery, equipment and industrial systems is used to power electric motors. 20% of the energy consumed by an electric motor is used to drive the pumps.

    These figures show just how great practical importance can be attributed to pumping systems. At the same time, rotating turbomachines, including some of the most popular pumps, allow to achieve the most significant energy savings and system efficiency simply by maintenance of equipment in good condition, proper system operation and optimal control.

    As a company specializing in overhauls, diagnostics and repair of low and medium voltage electric motors and electric drives, we have the expertise and the technical means necessary to provide the services for pump units. These services may relate to the pumps only, as well as to the issues related to pumps in hydraulic systems. However, our great trump card is the comprehensive maintenance service for industrial Clients with pumps and electric motors, all by one entity.

    We also have many years of practical experience providing comprehensive maintenance services for industrial plants, and therefore considerable proven expertise in the planning of repairs, accident prevention and minimizing operating costs of equipment and operating costs of systems containing pumping units.


    In recognition of our company’s technical capabilities in the organization of repair processes in regular and explosion-proof pumps, we were given a positive assessment of the ability to perform these repairs by the notified authority of the Department of Attestation at the KOMAG Institute of Mining.

    Testing station

    Partner Serwis has its own testing station, allowing to directly control the parameters of the pump units following repairs. Aside from designation of pump efficiency, these tests include: checking vibration levels, temperature of selected structural nodes, sealing, rundown after turn-off etc. As the result, you can rest assured that the carried out repairs restore the unit to the condition described in the DTR document issued by the manufacturer.

    Repairs and overhauls

    We perform overhauls and repairs of pumps of all leading manufacturers, including: Flygt, Powen-Wafapomp, KSK, KSB, Leszno Pump Factory, Kielce Pump Factory, Warman, etc.

    Some of the typical pump units we repair include:

    • submersible pumps,
    • monoblock pumps,
    • single-rotor water pumps,
    • pumps for hydraulic transport,
    • multistage pumps for clean water,
    • others, according to the Client’s needs.



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