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Motor Management

    Motor Management

    Motor Management is a way of managing and implementing maintenance of electric motors, based on the idea of ​​outsourcing. Constant technological advances in the field of drives makes it advisable to transfer tasks in the field of diagnostics and maintenance to a specialized company.

    Within Motor Management services, Partner Serwis offers to assume full responsibility for all or most of the activities related to maintenance of electric motors on the basis of a flat-rate contract. Conclusion of such contracts is preceded by the techno-economic audit aimed at determining the optimal solution for a particular enterprise.

    Analysis of the collected data in the field of maintenance organization, its costs, the state of the equipment and the required availability of individual production lines allows to define the scope (list of drives and a list of service operations), prices and evaluation indicators to form the basis of a future Motor Management contract.

    The primary benefit of a Motor Management contract is optimization of the total cost associated with maintenance of electric motors with particular emphasis on the availability of equipment and machines for production purposes.

    Partner Serwis achieves such ambitious objectives through implementation of advanced techniques and diagnostic methods, emphasis on object-oriented preventive measures and full utilization of the potential of our professional shop.


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