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Modernization of production machinery

    Comprehensive modernization of production machinery

    In carrying out modernization work, we guarantee full complexity of services, including:

    • operational analysis of the existing system,
    • preparation of project documentation,
    • assembly and installation works,
    • programming the controllers, drives, panels, instrumentation,
    • start-up,
    • personnel training,
    • servicing and maintenance of equipment.

    Modernization of machinery

    Depending on the needs, modernization of equipment may include:

    • improving motor characteristics by:
      • implementation of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems - possibility of comprehensive recording of working time, performance, length of emergency downtime in connection with the causes of failure, resulting in better use of working time, planning of current repairs based on actual wear and tear, and not according to Schedule,
      • analysis of machinery design options to increase the speed and dynamics allows to determine the real possibilities and determine the scope of work needed to achieve the specified performance parameters,
      • opting-out of mechanical coupling elements to synchronize movement of each axis of the machine. In older systems fitted with one main engine used to propel individual actuators through shafts, chains, gears and pulleys, are subjected to deterioration of accuracy due to wear of moving parts. In the case of individual drives with electronic synchronization, components responsible for proper operation do not wear out, and the control system allows for instant adjustments, thus eliminating any discrepancies,
      • introduction of recipes, preliminary calculations, fixed measurements and synchronization, facilitating faster adaptation of the machine to a new product,
      • test gear reduction, facilitating better use of operating time and reduction of material losses and waste,
      • application of programmable elements in place of fixed mechanical connections, allowing for greater flexibility in movement of the device.
    • safety – adjustment of all elements to the currently required level of data security specified for the given devices. We provide a comprehensive approach involving risk assessment, execution of control systems using safety functions integrated in the PLCs and drives, execution of the necessary mechanical works, fixed and removable covers, and other necessary elements,
    • implementation of master manufacturing execution systems (MES) - modern systems enable ongoing monitoring of production, obtaining data about the current utilization of production capacity and registering all process irregularities in real time. This requires adaptation of all the elements involved in the manufacturing process to comply with the system,
    • application of controlled drives - the use of controlled drives, motors with increased efficiency, allows to significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption. Control of the actual use of machinery and equipment allows to adjust the media expenses to the current needs of the process.

    Retrofit of components

    All technical apparatus are subject to wear and tear. Due to the rapid technological progress, automation and control equipment ages much faster than structural systems of the machinery. Therefore, upgrading the control system at the right time will greatly extend the life of machinery by raising its operating parameters to the level of currently manufactured equipment, at a much cheaper cost than that of purchasing new machinery.

    Machine Diagnostics

    Worn elements are much more vulnerable to failures and poor level of diagnostics makes it difficult to locate and remove faults, which greatly increases downtime. Many modern solutions in the field of automation feature self-diagnostic functions, allowing to precisely locate the source of failure. Modular design often reduces fault removal to simple replacement of a defective module, which limits the scope of qualifications required of the Client's maintenance staff. Additionally, many situations allow for remote diagnostics, which reduces the costs and speeds up reaction time of the external maintenance service. All information about improper functioning of controllers is sent to appropriate services, often faster than the service staff is able to see them. This facilitates quick response and often a significant limitation of the scope of failure.

    Maintenance of selected elements of control systems
    and drives

    Completion of modernization works is not the end of our contact. We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance service of our implementations. We personally repair all elements of automated drive systems of motors and inverters.



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