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Modernization of large-sized machine tools

    Modernization of large-sized machine tools

    Modernization of CNC machine tools and propulsion systems provides the user with a solution which gives the machinery a "second life". Why invest in modernization of machine tools:

    • obsolete control systems and electrical components,
    • frequent crashes,
    • problem with the availability of spare parts,
    • the existing control system does not have technological functions necessary for execution of complex parts,
    • the existing control system does not meet the needs of the user, e.g.: insufficient memory, software loaded by means of punched tape, etc.

    Comprehensive modernization (retrofit) of existing drive and control systems of CNC machine tools

    Benefits of comprehensive CNC machine tool retrofit:

    • increased reliability of the equipment resulting in increased productivity,
    • greater ease of use and programming,
    • shorter cycles when machining complex parts,
    • greater accuracy,
    • higher memory capacity,
    • higher efficiency of drive systems resulting in energy savings,
    • reliable and secure data management,
    • possibilities for networking and cooperation with CAD software.

    Modernization of CNC machine tool drive systems without alternating their control systems

    In the event of failure of one of the drives or burdensome failures of the entire drive system caused by years of wear, it is possible to upgrade one or multiple drive systems while maintaining the existing control system.

    Modernization of the control system without alternating the existing drives

    Decision to modernize the control system without altering the drives may be appropriate in the event of:

    • deficiencies of the existing control system with trouble-free operation or full service support of the drives,
    • cutting the cost of modernization by making a conscious to maintain analog control of the drives (especially in case of high power).

    Modernization of conventionally controlled machine tools (based on relay and contactor system) into CNC machine tools

    Modernization of machine tools in conjunction with their structural redevelopment is an effective method for obtaining a new piece of equipment without having to make an expensive purchase. It allows to adjust the existing machine tools to a different machining technology or a new production range. Such modernization consists in:

    • replacing trapezoidal lead screws with ball gears,
    • replacing gearboxes (often with large amounts of failure-prone electromagnetic clutches) with direct drives,
    • replacing common axis drives with individual drives,
    • CNC implementation.

    Modernization of conventional drive systems of machine tools and relay and contactor based devices using PLS controllers

    Advantages of modernizing conventional control systems include:

    • elimination of complex transistor circuits and relay and contactor systems through the use of PLS controllers,
    • reduction of the failure rate by minimizing the amount of quick wearing equipment,
    • application of new technical solutions resulting in faster and easier diagnosis in case of failure,
    • increased safety class resulting from the technical solutions adopted and components used.

    Depending on the needs and requirements of the Client, our modernization services include:

    • selection and delivery of components,
    • replacement of control components, drives and motors,
    • replacement of electrical cabinets with equipment,
    • replacement of the operating interface,
    • replacement or implementation of direct displacement measurement systems,
    • replacement of wiring and sensors,
    • development of electrical documentation in EPLAN P8,
    • development of PLS software in STEP 7,
    • complete as-built documentation,
    • laser interferometer measurements with compensation for measurement system errors,
    • start-up, trial runs, optimization of drives.

    We perform measurements using laser interferometer (positioning accuracy with compensation for measurement system errors in the control system, straightness and flatness) and utilize SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems.

    For our part, we guarantee high quality and timeliness of the service and flexible deadlines to best fit your needs. Our modernization team comprises young, open people with a high level of knowledge and engineering experience backed by extensive training, certifications and implementations. Our projects are characterized by transparency and completeness of the as-built documentation.


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