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Maintenance of regulated drives and start-up systems

    Maintenance of regulated drives and start-up systems

    Partner Serwis has the expertise and resources necessary to offer maintenance services of the following devices:

    • low-voltage inverters,
    • medium-voltage inverters,
    • DC converters,
    • eddy current starters (manufacture and service)
    • water starters,
    • resistance starters,
    • thyristor starters.

    Maintenance of converters and control system elements

    • maintenance of control cabinets - cleaning and washing (including by means of ultrasound) converters, modules, PLCs and other equipment installed in the control cabinet and the cabinet housing the equipment. Replacement of components subject to wear, such as fans, batteries of electrolytic capacitors and UPS batteries.
    • supplementation of drive, automation and power supply systems - installation of additional equipment allowing to meet the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility, increase resistance to surge and short supply voltage dips. UPS installation, start-up or modification of industrial communication systems (Profibus DP, Profinet, optical fiber connections, etc.) Introduction of a new type of control modules and functional cards.
    • ventilation and air-conditioning of control cabinets - installation or replacement of cooling and anti-condensation heating systems in control cabinets. Improving cooling air circulation (rearrangement of devices). Thermal imaging tests.
    • replacement of old equipment with new functional equivalents – comprehensive or one-time replacement of drive devices, controllers, control panels and other equipment taking into account manufacturers’ production schedule (equipment downtime), that is technical progress carried out at a convenient time. Old appliances can be recycled or regenerated by serving as a supplement to the warehouse of spare parts.
    • diagnostics - measurements of electrical quantities (e.g. anti-shock protection of converter devices), mechanical quantities (e.g. drive system vibrations), acoustics, lighting and temperatures of industrial facilities, power supply networks (e.g. harmonic content of current and voltage) as well as communication networks, technological lines, machinery and equipment.
    • optimization of settings in drives and control systems - analysis and modification of data from converters, PLCs and security devices to improve the operating parameters of control systems and drives as well as machine safety.

    Maintenance service and manufacture of starters

    Partner Service is a manufacturer of WIRLEG eddy current starters. This device was created as a solution to the issue of heavy starting electric motors, used mainly in underground mining, but also in other industries. This solution was considered innovative by many technical organizations (i.e. Grand Prix of the Technicon Science and Technology Fair, Technology Champion of the Copper Basin, Technology Vice-Champion of Lower Silesia).

    Application of the starter as part of the starting system translates primarily into automation of the start-up process, which occurs smoothly and continuously. The device can be adapted into type series for several electric motors of different power and different parameters. Eddy current starters allow to automatically adjust to the course of motor start-up to the load current of the driven machine.

    The scope of work includes design, production, supply, installation start-up and, of course, maintenance.

    In addition, we also make the selection, perform improvements as well as conduct maintenance and diagnostics of water, resistance and thyristor starters.



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