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Maintenance of lifting equipment

    Maintenance of lifting equipment

    Partner Serwis is licensed by the Technical Supervision Authority (TSA) to perform maintenance and modernization of lifting equipment, allowing us to offer a wide range of services relating to:

    • overhead cranes,
    • hoists (telphers, beam hoists, etc.),
    • cranes - fixed, portable and mobile,
    • rail crane,
    • mobile cranes,
    • construction and freight/passenger lifts (elevators),
    • freight lifts (elevators),
    • dual-door and passenger lifts (elevators),
    • warehouse stacker cranes,
    • moving platforms.

    The experience we have gained over the years of providing services for such demanding clients as Alstom Power, Arcelor Mittal or Michelin, allows us to meet even the highest demands of new Clients.

    Implemented and maintained ISO 9000 quality management system and ISO 14 000 environmental protection system make us the right partner for all companies with similar certificates, but also ones that expect satisfactory services at a high level.

    Depending on the type, lifting equipment repairs may include:

    • purchase and replacement of the sheave,
    • purchase and replacement of the rope,
    • replacement of S.C. contactors,
    • maintenance of guides,
    • execution of control cabinets,
    • replacement of electrical wiring,
    • TSA reception support,
    • renovation of the bridge driving mechanism including:lifting drive engine overhaul,
      • disassembly of wheelsets,
      • disassembly of reducers and motors,
      • regeneration of wheels,
      • renovation of reducers and actuators,
      • trial run and start-up,
    • replacement of control equipment,
    • execution of the supply line,
    • regeneration of guides and housing,
    • regeneration of the head block,
    • shortening of the rope,
    • security measurements,
    • leveling of the rail beds,
    • repair and maintenance of lifting equipment drives.

    Modernization of cranes

    We perform modernizations of power supply and control systems as well as mechanical sets, adjusting the installed devices to the current needs of the Clients or the changing requirements of Technical Supervision Authority.

    Maintenance of cranes

    We currently provide maintenance services for hundreds of devices of Clients with various business profiles. We perform all steps required by the TSA for the above-mentioned groups of lifting equipment. In order to ensure maximum availability of equipment, in addition to the removing faults due to normal wear also we perform repairs and renovations.

    There is a possibility of the provision of services related to maintenance services performed by on-call technicians. This offer should be of particular interest to companies with a small amount of equipment subject to technical supervision.

    Anti-shock protection measurements

    In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of our services, we employ a group of technicians authorized to perform anti-shock protection measurements (measurements of resistance and the effectiveness of neutral power supply systems). These measurements are required by the TSA during periodic inspections and receptions of all types of lifting equipment.

    TSA license

    The advantage of our company lies in the qualifications and experience of our service technicians. Our employees are licensed by the TSA to perform activities related to:

    • maintenance: overhead cranes, freight lifts, fixed and mobile cranes, hoists, mobile platforms,
    • repairs: cranes, mobile platforms, warehouse stacker cranes, hoists and lifting equipment parts,
    • modernization: lifts, dual-door lifts, freight lifts, small freight lifts.



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