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Maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems

    Refrigeration is an essential factor in
    the production process

    In many cases, production of manufactured components or subassemblies need to be refrigerated before moving on to the next step. Parameters of the cooling fluids, such as water, oils or emulsions, also need to be maintained at an appropriate level. Modern technologies in the field of industrial refrigeration allow for precise temperature measurement and its adaptation to the conditions specified by the user. The area in which we operate is shown on the diagram.

    Proper selection of the system to the user's needs

    Properly selected refrigeration device or cooling system has a significant impact on increasing efficiency of the production process. Efficient cooling of electrical and control cabinets helps extend the life of automation components and reduces the risk of failure. Control of refrigerants, such as water and oil, considerably reduces the risk of deterioration of their properties and lengthens the exchange period. Ensuring the correct temperature and humidity of production halls and laboratory facilities in the spring and summer contributes to maintaining appropriate conditions for the production process or research.

    From design to assembly

    The implementation process of new refrigerant systems is always preceded by a determination of the necessary parameters to be obtained after its installation and start-up. In designing each refrigeration system, it is necessary to assess its operating conditions and check mounting options. The equipment is always supplied by the manufacturer, directly to the installation site. Following the initial start-up and diagnostics of the refrigeration system, complete as-built documentation and instruction manual is given to the user.

    Devices and systems:

    • refrigerating agents in production processes,
      • cooling systems based on chillers and properly selected heat exchangers,
    • cooling elements and components manufactured in the production process,
      • cooling systems based on properly prepared air,
    • refrigeration of electrical and control cabinets,
      • systems based on Freon air-conditioning equipment,
      • cooling systems based on compressed air - cooling modules,
    • ensuring proper temperature and humidity in special rooms,
      • precision air-conditioning cabinets,
    • temperature control of water, oil and other refrigerants,
      • stationary and mobile temperature controllers,
    • cooling of production halls,
      • chilled beam systems,
      • portable industrial air conditioners,
      • chillers cooperating with coolers in ducts and air handling units.

    Comprehensive service

    We provide comprehensive maintenance of refrigeration units following assembly, repair or modernization, as standard. Following project completion, we provide services under warranty and perform the necessary inspections. We are able to provide servicing of existing refrigeration machinery and systems of the industrial plant.

    We offer the following services:

    • selection and assembly of:comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment,
      • industrial refrigeration and air conditioning units – water chillers, refrigerating units for cooling agents in production processes (oil, water, emulsion)
      • precision air conditioning devices – air-conditioning cabinets,
      • water and oil temperature control systems,
      • refrigerating systems of electrical and control cabinets,
    • overhaul and modernization of industrial refrigeration systems and air-conditioning,
    • modernization of the automation elements and proposing new solutions for controlling refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, based on components manufactured by reputable companies.

    Our advantages are:

    • comprehensive project implementation – design, supply, execution, start-up,
    • cooperation with companies with industrial profile,
    • experienced service technicians specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning units,
    • possibility of signing a service contract covering maintenance inspections and troubleshooting,
    • qualified team of automation specialists and designers.



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