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Maintenance of industrial electric power equipment

    Maintenance of industrial electric power equipment

    Partner Serwis offers a wide range of services related to the electric power industry.

    We offer service and maintenance of the existing power infrastructure of the plant, as well as modernization projects and supply of new equipment and systems. We rely on devices and cameras manufactured by some of the leading companies, while taking into account the Client’s preferences and the unification of existing devices and solutions.

    Maintenance of electric power equipment
    (flat rate contract)

    Partner Serwis offers to assume responsibility for part of the electric power infrastructure of the plant under a flat rate contract. The contractual area of operation is determined individually, depending on the experiences and circumstances of the Client. However, it most often includes the MV switchgears, transformers and MV/LV low voltage switchgears. Under the contract, we perform a number of activities aimed at defining the technical condition of the entrusted area, as well as to improve it and maintain at a satisfactory level. An annual schedule of activities includes:

    • visual inspection,
    • technical inspections,
    • thermal imaging testing,
    • measurement and recording of quality parameters,
    • examination of equipment safety (OHS),
    • updating grid integration guidelines.

    All works are completed with relevant protocols and maintenance log entries, providing the person responsible for productive maintenance with full, documented support in the field of electric power and allowing them to focus more attention on tasks directly associated with production. Under the same contract, based on the results of the works conducted, we deduce the necessary changes in order to improve reliability of electrical devices, report identified threats and unjustified costs. We assist Clients by drawing up concepts, information, or reviews of investment projects related to the expansion or modernization of the power infrastructure of the plant.

    Maintenance works related to electric power equipment include:

    • switch and security inspections – MV switchgears,
    • inspections and measurements of MV/LV transformers,
    • inspections and measurements of capacitor batteries,
    • thermal imaging testing,
    • measurements of power quality,
    • periodic measurements of electrical installations.

    Modernization and expansion of industrial electric power infrastructure includes:

    • MV/LV transformer stations,
    • LV and MV cable lines,
    • lighting systems,
    • reactive power compensation systems,
    • devices improving power quality, including active filter plants
    • guaranteed voltage systems,
    • installation of control, signaling and security systems,
    • lightning protection and grounding
    • construction and modernization of electric energy measuring systems (adaptation to TPA)
    • modernization of MV and LV switchgears.

    Manufacture and distribution of MV and LV switchgears

    We are a manufacturer of prefabricated LV switchgears based on components of renowned brands. We are also a distributor of SIEMENS and SCAE MV switchgears. We supply switchgears for primary and secondary distribution, with insulation voltages from 7.2 to 24 kV, air-insulated or SF6, equipped with fixed or removable switches, disconnectors, circuit breakers and contactors, depending on the needs/



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