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Comprehensive industrial maintenance (CIM)

Why maintenance outsourcing?

Maintenance outsourcing offers tangible benefits to the functioning of your business:

  • opportunity to focus on core business activities,
  • professionalism of the service provided and implemented by a dedicated supplier as part of their "know-how",
  • independence from specialists with "exclusive knowledge",
  • significant reduction in issues associated with soft HR,
  • easy access to reserve resources necessary for use during periods of peak demand,
  • increase in the quality requirements related to the availability of machinery and equipment,
  • much faster implementation in terms of PM methodology and organizational solutions,
  • increase in the requirements for visualization and reporting of PM activities and costs,
  • easy introduction of quality objectives monitoring,
  • simplified analysis and accounting processes within the PM,
  • increased performance of the supplier, which may result in reduction of employment, and hence PM cost reduction,
  • overhead reduction within the enterprise,
  • reduction in the cost of materials and spare parts in the PM (economies of scale),
  • transparency of costs incurred,
  • possibility of making the PM costs dependent on production,
  • making the PM costs dependent on quality indicators.

Within maintenance outsourcing Partner Serwis offers:

  • solid partnership and effective cooperation with the Client aimed at achieving success,
  • transformation of the Client’s maintenance department into a unit responsible for management of production assets on behalf of the Client of Partner Serwis,
  • management of resources, processes and equipment aimed at increasing productivity and availability of equipment and optimization of costs,
  • implementation of high standards of maintenance, management strategies and advanced tools, such as: PM, TPM, CBM, RCA, 5S, Kaizen, CMMS and so on,
  • KPI measurement, analysis, and reporting to determine our effectiveness,
  • pursuit of the "golden mean" between the cost and the availability and condition of equipment,
  • industry-specific knowledge.

Why invest in maintenance outsourcing contract with Partner Serwis?

  • we have longstanding experience in providing PM outsourcing services for clients in various industry segments.
  • we have experience in working with large and very demanding clients, such as KGHM, Arcelor Mittal, ALSTOM Power,  Michelin,
  • we have implemented and proven methodologies for conducting PM outsourcing contracts described in the so-called "Manual of Best Practices,"
  • we provide a wide range of PM-related services, which affects the comprehensiveness of our offer dedicated to the Client,
  • we have an extensive range of resources and facilities,
  • departmental structure allows great flexibility in the way we provide services,
  • our company employs 465 professionals, including 65 engineers, making it an extensive resource of technical expertise sufficient for rendering professional PM services,
  • we have our own distribution department, dealing with the sale of selected components of electrical and automation systems. This solution allows to reduce the cost of spare parts.

Detailed offer - contact In order to get acquainted with a detailed offer, please contact:

Arkadiusz Stępkowski
Director of Service Center in Elbląg
605 051 650arkadiusz.stepkowski@grupapartner.pl

Michał Grabowski
Management Representative for development of outsourcing services
785 882 099michal.grabowski@grupapartner.pl


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