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Comprehensive Drive System Service (CDSS)

What is CDSS?

Partner Serwis is a nationwide multi-shop company providing a wide range of services for the majority of industries in Poland. Through high specialization of competences developed by the individual divisions, as well as many years of acquiring technical expertise and practical knowledge of our Clients’ technology, the company has gained experience necessary to offer the Comprehensive Drive System Service (CDSS).

CDSS was created as a response to market demand for service providers with practical and extensive experience in the field of drive systems used in industrial plants.

What does CDDS entail?

CDSS includes maintenance services in the field of rotating machinery and adjacent components forming the drive system. CDSS is primarily focused on preventive maintenance services, whose scope is determined by the current condition of the drive system.

Preventive measures dedicated to the entire drive system provide greater benefits than individual approach to each of its elements. An important benefit is lower failure rate, longer life and durability of individual components and lower the costs of their operation. However, the most important of these is the fact that the Client has the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive and reliable evaluation of the efficiency of the unit system and the entire system, in cooperation with one service provider, allowing to identify the source of the problem almost immediately, obtain technical advice and, most importantly, implement corrective actions.

Moving forward, CDSS also includes standard repairs and troubleshooting of individual system elements. It includes (see diagram) elements supplying the system with electricity – transformers, switchgears, converters, as well as drive units or electric motors, coupling elements and functional devices, such as pumps, fans and compressors. RCA analyses and technical reports allow us to identify the real causes of faults, enabling rapid elimination of the root cause of system failure, instead of the secondary causes, bound to reemerge after repair.

CDSS also covers upgrading the existing systems by modernizing their individual components. This includes the sale of new elements, whenever it is advantageous for the technical operation and efficiency of the entire system.

Detailed offer - contact In order to get acquainted with a detailed offer, please contact:

Dariusz Szczęsny
Director of Service Center in Dąbrowa Górnicza
601 675 714dariusz.szczesny@grupapartner.pl

Michał Grabowski
Management Representative for development of outsourcing services
785 882 099michal.grabowski@grupapartner.pl

Arkadiusz Stępkowski
Director of Service Center in Elbląg
605 051 650arkadiusz.stepkowski@grupapartner.pl

Waldemar Duży
Director of Service Center in Legnica
505 306 811waldemar.duzy@grupapartner.pl

Tomasz Chorosz
Director of Service Center in Kwidzyn
502 515 188tomasz.chorosz@grupapartner.pl


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